Hello, I'm Chris!

Firefox for Power Users

Here are a few tips/tricks/hacks to make a power user feel at home inside Mozilla’s Firefox. I have been using Firefox as my daily driver browser for about 3 years now, when I decided to finally give Chrome the boot it was due to it munching all my machine’s RAM, but if I had known how many little quality of life features Firefox had in store for me, I would have switched much sooner.

Site Redesign

Hello all; I decided that I was going to start from scratch and rebuild the whole site. I am still going with a static site generation because its quick, easy and convenient to deploy. I switched from Pelican over to Hugo for a couple of reasons: Pelican simply doesn’t have the community and following that Hugo and Gatsby seem to, anyone who has spent time with open source software knows, bigger community = better support = better documentation…etc.